‘Doing business’ is emotional


Every time someone touches your business online that connection is trackable. And some of the subsequent actions are measurable too. When you follow the paths people take while searching for information related to your business, you notice that potential customers are doing a lot more pre-buying preparation.

They’re getting better educated about their choices. They’re taking more notice of a company’s reputation with its customers. And they’re looking for stronger commitments in their business-to-business relationships. In short, it’s less about the sales process now, and more about the buying process. So the conversations you have with your customers need to evolve.


Fast Company and SSI Research found that 70% of buyers expect company websites to include a self-service application – and they’re willing to share more of themselves to improve the sales process:

  • 62% of buyers want their client data to be used to drive faster and improved purchase possibilities at the point of sale;
  • 48% want companies to be able to track data through various channels so they don’t have to repeat themselves;
  • 81% are quite willing to grant access to data to help cut waiting times

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