Digital Media Certifications

The Digital Media & Marketing Association has launched the Certified Digital Marketer Program to give digital marketing professionals a pathway to a Certified status.


Course Benefits

It is important for any professional to be able to display knowledge and skill to their employer and clients. This is more important than ever in the young and fast changing profession of Digital Marketing.

The Program involves a verification process that results in successful applicants receiving entry into the Association’s Certified Member grade and in the Members Directory as ‘Certified Digital Marketer’.

Our aim is to empower Digital Marketers to be able to show that they have the skills to achieve digital marketing excellence!

Certified Digital Marketers can now tell employers ‘I know how to do the job, I have the skills and I know the tools to use to push your digital marketing plans forward!’ Reassuring businesses that the person they are employing can achieve results!

Online Training Courses

Diploma in Digital Marketing INR 10,000
Diploma in Social Media INR 10,000
Diploma in e-mail Marketing INR 10,000
Diploma in Affiliate Marketing INR 10,000
Diploma in Media Buying INR 10,000
Diploma in Paid Advertising INR 10,000
Diploma in Youtube INR 10,000
Diploma in Analytics INR 10,000
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